JHC Counselor Application Instructions

Application Due Date: January 17th, 2021


There are 5 important steps to complete your Application:

Please read everything carefully. (The Directing team will know if you didn’t)

  1. Fill out the General Info Google Form

  2. Fill out the Counselor Questions Google Form

  3. Have letters of recommendation written by your pastor and one other adult (i.e. teacher, professor, coach, employer) who knows your strengths and weaknesses in your leadership qualifications/abilities. The letter may not be written by a parent or sibling, and should outline how you work with others and what you can bring to the JHC 2021 counseling team.

  4. Download and fill out the following forms:

  5. Email/snail mail forms to Ryland Fernandez at:

Email: njaumc.jhc@gmail.com

Snail mail: 5118 Wild Meadow Place, Elk Grove, CA 95757

JHC 2021 Meeting Dates

Virtual Camp will be held between June 27th - July 10th*.


*actual dates TBD

Counselor Training Dates


All training meetings will be held on Zoom.


Attendance and participation at JHC 2020 meetings, Camp, and Post-Camp are required. If you

know of a conflict, you must talk to the directors prior to the application deadline. 

Jan 23rd (All Staff): 1-4pm
Feb 6th or 20th (regional):  1-4 pm
March 6th (All Staff): 1-4 pm 
April 10th or 24th (regional):  1-4 pm
May 15th or 22nd (regional): 1-4 pm
June 12 (All Staff): 1-4pm