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The Camp Directors are excited for you to join them in an amazing opportunity to be a counselor at Jr. High Camp.  Serving as a Counselor is a big responsibility, filled with fun, fellowship, and personal and spiritual growth! We trust that God will work through all of us to plan a meaningful and grace filled camp experience for our youth.


  1. Incoming high school senior or older

  2. Completed entire application

  3. A signature and a statement by your local church pastor, youth leader or lay leader endorsing your qualifications as a counselor.

  4. One additional letter of recommendation from an adult who knows applicant’s strengths and weaknesses in leadership qualifications/abilities (i.e. teacher, professor, coach, employer) This may not be a parent or sibling.

  5. Attendance and full participation at all JHC Counselor Training 2023 Meetings, the week of Junior High Camp and the post-camp gathering. 

    • You are only required to attend one of the regionals held each month. (if you can't make it to the one nearest you but are able to travel and make it to another regions meeting you are more than welcome to do that as well)

    • One PREAPPROVED excused absence will be allowed. Additional attendance conflicts will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please let the directing team know of any scheduling conflicts as soon as possible. ​

Some Expectations: 

  • Willingness to share and articulate faith journey

  • Open to growing and challenging personal faith through JHC training and camp experience

  • Regular attendance and active participation at local church 

  • Responsible and dedicated team worker

  • Willingness to work with the directors, peers, and participating churches

  • Be a positive role model in all aspects of life (not just at church or at camp)


JHC 2023
Meeting Dates

You are only required to attend one regional meeting each month in whichever region is closest to you. 

January All-Staff

January 28-29, 2023  (10 AM Sat - 12 PM Sun) @ UJCC - Clovis, CA

February Regional

Southern CA - February 18, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) @ Faith UMC - Torrance, CA
        Northern CA - February 25, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) @ Wesley UMC - San Jose, CA

March All-Staff

March 24-26, 2023 (10 PM Fri - 12 PM Sun) @ UJCC - Clovis, CA

April Regional

Northern CA - April 15, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) @ Wesley UMC - San Jose, CA
Southern CA - April 22, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) @ West LA UMC - Los Angeles, CA

May Regional

Southern CA - May 13, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) @ Faith UMC - Torrance, CA

 Northern CA - May 20, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) @ Aldersgate UMC - Palo Alto, CA

June All-Staff

June 16-18, 2023 (9:30 PM - 12 PM) @ UJCC - Clovis, CA

Junior High Camp!

June 25-30, 2023 @ Camp Lodestar - Wilseyville, CA

Post Camp

June 30 - July 1 , 2023 (10 PM - 12 PM) @ Wesley UMC - San Jose, CA

Information for the Parents

As former counselors ourselves, we know just how crucial parental support is to our success as a counselor and we thank you for being the support system of this year’s counselors. We want to make sure to highlight the details of the areas parents tend to support the most- namely financially and with transportation- and to encourage you to reach out to our Directing Team if you have any questions or concerns!

  • Financially:

    • Counselor fee is 75% of camper registration

    • Counselors are financially responsible for providing materials for their growth groups and activities they may lead during the week of camp.

  • Transportation:

    • Counselors are not allowed to drive themselves to and from non-local camp meetings

    • Please note the All-Staff and Post-Camp dates and consider whether or not you will be able to assist with transportation at least once- you are highly relied upon for transportation for these meetings

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