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Junior High Camp

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Junior High Camp is a camp geared towards incoming 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. We strive for our youth to leave with a sense of relationship to Christ through tangible and practical life applications. In addition, we encourage their growth towards outreach through their local churches and leadership in their own communities.


About JHC

JHC stands for Junior High Camp, a camp that is geared towards incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. We are part of the National Japanese American United Methodist Caucus, a connection of churches underneath the United Methodist Church.

Although there are ties to the NJAUMC, we strive to not exclude others based on race or ethnicity. In addition, we love people of all ethinicities, genders, sexual orientations, faith experiences, or economic situations. We try to offer a community of acceptance, support, guidance, and fellowship that strengthens their spiritual journey and encourages not only participation in their local church but the awareness and response of social injustices in our community and world.

Meet The Directors


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Lauren Takaichi
Preferred Pronouns: she, her

Lauren grew up attending Wesley UMC in San Jose, where she has served as the middle school ministry director for the past year. She is currently finishing up her last year at UC Santa Cruz where she is pursuing degrees in biochemistry and psychology. Lauren has attended JHC as a camper, counselor, and now director. For her, JHC was the spark that showed her the restorative power of church, faith, and family. She looks forward to connecting with and helping the youth explore their faith. She loves returning back to this camp, and she hopes to extend that same feeling of love, welcomeness, and acceptance that brought her to JHC to all who serve and attend this camp.


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Kirk Inouye
Preferred Pronouns: any/all


Kirk Inouye has helped with youth ministries at a handful of our NJAUMC camp churches. He is currently living in LA. In their free time he can either be found playing video games or at Disneyland. Camp has always been important to them since their very first year and they enjoy coming back year after year to continue giving back to the camp communities.



"This past summer was one of the most memorable summers I've ever had. One of my favorite moments was JHC. JHC was a place where I could share about my day and how it went. It was where I met some of my best friends that I will always cherish for my entire life. It was a place where we played fun games and talked and had fun. When I first walked into camp, I was intimidated & afraid that I was the only one who didn't know anybody. But as time went on, I realized how much fun it was. We did so many fun things at camp -- from growth group discussions, to worship, to fun games lead by our growth group counselors. It was one of my first times being away from home but the people there made camp feel like home for me."

—  Jackson Fujimori (camper)

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