JUnior High Camp 2022

Junior High Camp is a camp geared towards incoming 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. We strive for our youth to leave with a sense of relationship to Christ through tangible and practical life applications. In addition, we encourage their growth towards outreach through their local churches and leadership in their own communities.


Through these times of uncertainty, hope has been in severely short supply. As Christians, hope is essential to our faith journeys. Ask yourself: “When was the last time you had hope that God would help you through the tough times?” The world often seems to pass us by, with the feeling of being left behind. This year at JHC, we want to explore the foundations of hope, and what tools are required to build your House of Hope. First, we want to explore exactly what hope means to us. As followers of Christ, it’s important to understand what hope is and where we can get it from when we feel our cups are dry. At the same time, hope has been overused to the point that it feels neutral, but it’s very important for us to keep holding onto hope in times where the future is uncertain. This is where we find the strength of hope and what it empowers in us. These tools will ultimately show us why to keep choosing hope as part of our journey and our everyday lives, and to finally live in your own House of Hope.


The Junior High Camp Directors and Counselors are excited to be able to continue to put on a summer program for your youth and are glad you are interested in participating. You can find all of the necessary forms, documents, and fees down below to make sure your child is signed up to participate in this summers JHC. 

Registration deadline will be on Sunday June 5th, 2022. 

If you have any questions regarding the registration process you can contact the Directors at njaumc.jhc@gmail.com

Step 1:

Camper Registration Forms

Step 2:

Required Signed Documents

Step 3: 

Pay Registration Fee

This year Junior High Camp will be asking to collect a $525 registration fee per camper to help provide our staff with necessary materials for the program as well as to provide all of our participants with a camp t-shirt and photo. 

Pay for all camp participants here

Step 4: 

Consider Donating

Want to further support our camping ministries? Consider donating to our camps! Check out our Donation Page for more information.

Stay up to Date

After you have registered, look out for emails from njaumc.jhc@gmail.com

for email updates about camp!

Make sure you understand the COVID Safety Protocols.