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AC Counselor Application Instructions

Application Due Date:  April 30th, 2023


There are 3 important steps to complete your Application:

Please read everything carefully. 

  1. Fill out the Counselor Application Form

  2. Fill out the Medical Info (coming soon)

    • Additional health information may be requested later in accordance with camp COVID-19 safety protocols.

  3. Obtain 1 signature of endorsement by your pastor or youth leader

AC 2022 Meeting Dates

Counselor Training Dates:


May Virtual Meeting:

May 7th (Sunday), 3-5pm

or May 21st (Sunday), 3-5pm

June Virtual Meeting:

June 4th (Sunday), 3-5pm

or June 19th (Monday), 3-5pm

July All Staff:

July 7th - 9th (UJCC),

Friday 8pm - Sunday 12pm

Asian Camp:

July 23rd - 28th

Post Camp:

July 28th - 29th (Wesley), Friday 3pm - Saturday 12pm

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