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Camp Counselors

Every year we have a very dedicated group of staff that volunteer to be our camp counselors. They attend monthly training meetings over 6 months to help prepare for the week of camp to make sure they can provide a safe and fun environment for all of our campers to grow on their faith journey. Counseling is a great opportunity to build leadership skills, build relationships, and also further your faith development. If this seems like something you might be interested consider becoming one of our Counselors!


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“Choosing to come back to camp as a counselor was the easiest decision because I knew as a camper I wanted to be just like my Growth Group counselors one day. Not only did counseling teach me how to be a leader, but really gave me a chance to see God's work in action. Bonding with the directing and counseling staff, spending time with the campers and seeing everyone grow in their faith is just amazing. Camp has always been a big part of my life and I feel so blessed to be a part of such a loving and one of a kind family."

-Nicole Hayashida

“Camp has given me everything I could have asked for, and more. It opened my eyes to the many things in my life that God has blessed me with, as well as allowed me to create some of the most amazing friendships. Being a counselor is a completely different experience from being a camper, but in the most positive way. It helped improve my confidence and leadership abilities, and overall was just such a humbling experience. To have the opportunity to extend to my campers the same love and security that I had experienced at camp, is the best feeling of all."

-Elyse Noda

“No matter where I'm at in life, school, or work — camp is my favorite week of the year. Counseling JHC was one of the most positive and empowering experiences ever. Not only is it SUPER FUN with quirky traditions, sharing show, and dances amongst countless others, but it also provides the most accepting setting to learn more about faith and one another. From bonding with staff, to connecting with the campers, to all around having an amazing time, JHC has showed me how powerful a church community can be."

-Kenny Okagaki

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