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Parental Acknowledgment
of Support for Counselor

Parental Acknowledgment of Support for Counselor:

  1. I support my child in applying to be a Junior High Camp counselor. 

  2. I have reviewed the requirements and dates involved and will do my best to ensure my child’s full participation.  (this information can be found on the page down below)

  3. I understand that the counselors will organize transportation to every counselor meeting, and I am willing to volunteer to be a parent driver if one is needed and my availability allows. 






Additionally we would appreciate it if you also provide the following contact information so we can send out emails to counselors and parents to ensure awareness on upcoming meetings or schedule changes and to help facilitate the start of organization for transportation.

Counselor Agreement


  • Willingness to share and articulate faith journey

  • Open to growing and challenging personal faith through JHC training and camp experience

  • Regular attendance and active participation at local church (JA/UMC church or other church)

  • Must complete Criminal Background Check (18 years and older) and/or Volunteer Disclosure Form (18 year and younger) per NJAUMC Camping Board Safe Sanctuary Policy

  • Responsible and dedicated team worker

  • Willingness to work with the directors, peers, and participating churches

  • Be a positive role model in all aspects of life (not just at church or at camp)


  • Current junior in high school or older

  • Read through and complete entire application

  • A signature and a statement by your local church pastor, youth leader, or lay leader endorsing your qualifications as a counselor (attached below)**Can be mailed in separately

  • One additional letter of recommendation from an adult who knows the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses in leadership qualifications/abilities (i.e. teacher, professor, coach, employer). This may not be a parent or sibling.**Can be emailed in separately

  • Attendance and full participation at JHC Counselor Training 2023 Meetings, the week of Junior High Camp, and Post-Camp


Attendance is expected and mandatory at meetings (respective to region) and retreats, with the exception of emergencies. Schedule conflicts that arise throughout the year must be discussed with a director as soon as the conflict is known. Include any known conflicts on the application itself. Any exceptions will be made at the discretion of the directing team. 


Counselors and parents are responsible for coordinating transportation to/from Counselor Training meetings. Counselors are not allowed to drive themselves or their peers to Training meetings outside of their own region. Please work as a region to coordinate parent volunteers to drive to each mandatory meeting. 


January All-Staff

January 28-29, 2023

(10 AM Sat - 12 PM Sun) - UJCC

February Regional

February 18, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) - Socal: Faith
        February 25, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) - Norcal: Wesley

March All-Staff

March 24-26, 2023 (10 PM Fri - 12 PM Sun) - UJCC

April Regional

April 15, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) - Norcal: Aldersgate
  April 22, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) - Socal: West LA

May Regional

May 13, 2022 (10 AM - 3 PM) - Socal: Faith

  May 20, 2023 (10 AM - 3 PM) - Norcal: Wesley

June All-Cal

June 16-18, 2023 (10 PM - 12 PM) - UJCC


June 25 - June 30 , 2023 (10 PM - 12 PM) 

Camp Lodestar

Post Camp

June 30 - July 1 , 2023 (10 PM - 12 PM) - Wesley

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