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Asian AMerican Summer Camp 2024

This is the 50th year of the National Japanese American United Methodist Caucus American Summer Camp (NJAUMC AC)! The past two years has been a shift as we continued camp amidst the isolating times of the pandemic through Virtual Camp. This year, we are happy to announce that we will be transitioning back to in-person camp through the diligent work of NJAUMC Camping Board and Covid Task Force. Camp will look different this year with new guidelines to ensure the safety of our campers and staff. 

The mission of “Asian Camp” is to introduce youth to Christ, nurture their faith and send them forth as Christian disciples and leaders for the transformation of their community and world. Through worship, fellowship, prayer, growth groups, community builders, and other outdoor activities, Asian Camp encourages campers, as well as staff, to explore their faiths, reflect on their personal identities, and use their spiritual gifts for God’s glory. With special focus on equipping for the future, Asian Camp seeks to instill pride in each camper’s spiritual, cultural, and ethnic identity.

AC THeme

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