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Director Applications for 2024 are Now Available!

  • A completed application has to include at least 1  Reference Questionnaires. 

  • Please note the deadline of November 26th.


* Please know that the dates for both JHC and Asian Camp has not been confirmed. We are exploring new camp site locations and also want to confirm that the necessary renovations at Camp Lodestar will be completed by next summer. We hope next year's dates will be around the traditional weeks that we have had camps in the past. JHC (end of June or 1st week of July) and Asian Camp middle to last week of July) We should know in a week or so.



Thank you for your consideration! Next year will be a big year as we celebrate AC 50th Anniversary!

NJAUMC Camping Board

Rev. Ki Tae Choi, Pastor Eric Iki, Carol Tondo, Pamela Nakano, Gayle Kurasaki, Viki Inouye

Full Application and additional information available here: 

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